Image of a download buttonAll the spreadsheets you need to run Full Scale agile™ are here, and a slide deck for evangelizing FuSca™. Each is explained at appropriate points in the System hypertext. Slides and spreadsheets are in the open-source Libre Office format that should import easily if you use other applications.

  • FuSca Proposal Slides—For evangelizing FuSca™ within your organization (editing required).
  • Sprint and release spreadsheets—Required only if you do not have a digital tracker with the capability listed:
    • Burndown Chart—Track rate of to-do hour reduction and predict sprint delivery.
    • Capacities—Enter team member availability for the sprint and compare to their task estimate totals.
    • Release Capacities—Enter team velocities and compare to their release story count totals.
    • Release Burndown Chart—Track rate of story acceptance and predict release delivery.
    • Sprint Analysis—Improve estimation by comparing actual hours for tasks and comparing them to both estimates and capacities at the team level.
  • Documents:
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