The Pillars of Radical agile

Drawing of a temple columnDrawing of a temple column
Agile was nothing new.

Agility applies to all work.

Don’t train to be agile; practice it.

Don’t hire agile experts; train them.

You don’t need a framework to be agile.

Adopt, then adapt—not the other way around.

A team with a full-time organizer is not “self-organizing.”

You cannot predict the future, so don’t waste time trying.

An agile manager must give up control.

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Why FuSca™?

Learn what makes Full Scale agile™ different and the benefits it provides

Conflicting voices move to speaking together

How to Use

Find out how to use FuSca™ to adopt progressive management practices

From a hierarchy to a team


Create true self-organizing teams for maximum agility

People or teams connected to a central hub


Read the Kanban/Scrum-based system like a book

Group organizing into team


Use a light process for startups, or FuSca’s versions of Scrum or Kanban

Changing the rank order


Add agile release planning for a team or group currently using Scrum

A stakeholder and three programs


Create new agile programs or projects

Separate units become cross-connected


Adopt or spread agile thinking across the entire organization