About Step Sets

Drawing of curving stairs seen from aboveA key difference between Full Scale agile™ and most how-to books on management is that FuSca™ shows you exactly how to do what I suggest. Many sections of this website have links to a set of steps for implementing their guidance. The sets are on separate pages from the explanatory text to make it easier for facilitators to walk through them. They are meant as summaries or reminders only, meaning you will need to read the explanation first. Each set includes a link back to its related section.

Although the step sets follow a logical path, such that you will generally move through them in order, sometimes you will be told you can do some sets at the same time, or skip some depending on your situation. Sets intended to be done in the same meeting tell you to “Continue to the next set,” meaning immediately.

Some sets specify in italics which role should lead the effort or parts of it. Otherwise, it does not matter who facilitates, though depending on the level (team versus program) the Facilitator or Agile Release Manager is usually the logical choice.

Step Sets

Note: The Agile Transformation chapter provides steps in the form of user stories that can be downloaded in a spreadsheet.

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