Self-Directed agile

Four, diverse faces closely alignedAs introduced under “The Pillars of Radical Agile” and detailed on the next page, the principles we now identify as “Agile” long predate the Agile Manifesto. Obviously all of the modern frameworks had to be invented by someone. True “self-organizing” teams have long created their own, making them far more empowered than those working under any capital-A Agile approach (including mine).

Put these together and there’s no need to adopt any existing method to be agile. This chapter of the website teaches you to create self-directed work teams that develop their own agile processes. It comes before the FuSca™ “System” chapter in the menu for a simple reason: Self-direction is my preferred path to agility. Keep reading to learn why.

Implications & Benefits | → Agility Before “Agile”

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