Agile Management

Tibetan dancers in a group wearing red dresses“Agile management” is a way of doing business that goes beyond mere work management and the specifics of a method like Scrum. This mindset drops attempts to control the uncontrollable and focuses on improving outcomes for customers, recognizing the strong evidence that making life better for workers leads to higher customer satisfaction and measurable performance improvements. This section addresses broader scenarios for using agile management across an enterprise (corporation, company, agency, firm, etc.), including using an agile process to spread agility!

  • Agile Across the Enterprise—Explore how agility can improve your entire enterprise.
  • A Process for Agile Transformation—About two-thirds of organizational change efforts fail, so follow this evidence-based process for Agile transformation to maximize your chances of success, even if you don’t use FuSca™.
  • Agile for Entrepreneurs—Early stage startups (and similar single teams) can follow a “FuSca Light” approach to reduce time-wasting while maintaining focus on higher priorities.

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