Scrum/Kanban-Based System

In case Old drawing of a girl reading a bookyour team chooses, or your managers require, the use of a known framework instead creating a custom approach, this section of Full Scale agile™ presents science-modified approaches to Kanban and Scrum. The pieces described here fit together like a highly productive machine. So the best way to learn them is to start by reading the topics below like a book to get a holistic understanding of the system. Then adopt the entire system as a piece before customization (see “Go All In” for the evidence). Like any system, it can break if you take out critical parts.

Of course, if you are already using these methods and just looking for some tips for improvement, feel free to click ahead!

  1. Decide to Change
  2. The Sprint Process
  3. Use Kanban for Flowing Work
  4. Plan in Releases
  5. Initiate Agile Programs
  6. Customize FuSca
  7. Agile Across the Enterprise
  8. A Process for Agile Transformation
  9. Agile for Entrepreneurs
  10. Questions and Answers

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