Cheaper, Faster Agility

Full Scale agile is a free, open-source guide to switching from traditional work management practices like “waterfall” to more effective ones based on psychology. Written as the training material for “Radical Agilist” Jim Morgan’s coaching practice, it also reflects his 35 years of experience in a wide variety of companies and industries.

Based on that expertise and Jim’s “Pillars of Radical agile,” this Web book starts with three ways to become agile: create your own method (true “self-organizing teams”); adopt Kanban for repetitive, “flowing” work; or adopt Scrum for any kind of development work.

Each differs from standard approaches due to scientific advances, and provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for do-it-yourselfers. Also included is how to adapt the method to your specific needs; coordinate across multiple teams; and transform your entire organization according to the principles of organizational culture change.

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The Pillars of Radical agile

Drawing of a temple columnDrawing of a temple column
Agile was nothing new.

Agility applies to all work.

Don’t train to be agile; practice it.

Don’t hire agile experts; train them.

You don’t need a framework to be agile.

Adopt, then adapt—not the other way around.

A team with a full-time organizer is not “self-organizing.”

You cannot predict the future, so don’t waste time trying.

An agile manager must give up control.

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A meditator

Why FuSca™?

Learn what makes Full Scale agile™ different and the benefits it provides

Conflicting voices move to speaking together

How to Use

Find out how to use FuSca™ to adopt progressive management practices

From a hierarchy to a team


Create true self-organizing teams for maximum agility

People or teams connected to a central hub


Read the Kanban/Scrum-based system like a book

Group organizing into team


Use a light process for startups, or FuSca’s versions of Scrum or Kanban

Changing the rank order


Add agile release planning for a team or group currently using Scrum

A stakeholder and three programs


Create new agile programs or projects

Separate units become cross-connected


Adopt or spread agile thinking across the entire organization