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Coach Jim, a veteran public speaker and trainer with glowing reviews and high audience ratings, provides coaching to organizations on specific topics in the form of interactive seminars. Whether delivered from his virtual studio or your COVID-safe location, each session combines a wealth of workplace examples and scientific data with group and individual exercises, discussions, and breakout sessions. Learners leave with new skills they can immediately apply on the job—and powerful evidence to persuade others that they should.

Standard topics cover radical agility, true teamwork, and business communication skills, but Coach Jim can customize a topic from any part of the Full Scale agile™ site. Request a seminar today!


Two arrows curving into each otherAgile 101: The Unexpected History, Science, and Philosophy of Agile Management (2 hrs.)—Agile management did not start in 2001, or in the software industry. The principles behind business agility date back nearly 100 years. They call for radically different thinking about how to manage work, budgets, and customer and worker relations. Let Coach Jim explain agility to doubters in your company, bust myths about it, and persuade them to expand their thinking.

Agile for Entrepreneurs: Move Faster without More Burn (4 hrs.)—Research evidence says startups can move faster without burning more money or burning out people by creating some formal processes and structures sooner than they normally do. “Agile” processes for managing work are a better fit for companies facing rapid change—like every startup! Coach Jim helps you quickly kick off a light agile process that won’t overburden your small team, yet can scale as you grow.

Agile Transformation as Organizational Change: 11 Epics to Success (4 hrs.)—Customize for your company agile requirements for a successful transformation to any agile framework or method, based on critical success factors in organizational culture change, from setting goals, assessing readiness, and gaining buy-in through implementation. Learn how to work through them in an agile way that embraces the inevitable changes arising in any major organizational change.

Tools for agile Issues (2-4 hrs. each)—Coach Jim can quickly facilitate solutions from the FuSca™ site for these or other situations you are facing in your adoption of agility:

Team Leadership

Silhouette of a hand dropping keys into another person's handServant Leadership through Team Empowerment (4 hrs.)—With roots going back millennia, the term “servant leadership” (SL) has been discussed for more than 50 years. Yet definitions differ, and searching the phrase “how to be a servant leader” brings up lists of characteristics and examples, not step by step instructions. No wonder many managers like the concept, but are not sure how to actually do SL. This class relies on both philosophy and peer-reviewed research to cut through the confusion.

The Art and Science of Team Leadership (8 hrs., in 2 sessions if virtual)—There are many myths and misconceptions about team building, often repeated by well-meaning but misinformed consultants. Find out what science says really works in small group management. This workshop for managers teaches the key techniques science has provided for leading teams to high performance, from top leadership teams to line workers.

Communication Skills

Drawing of an ancient Greek council meetingMeetings Can Fly: Meeting Facilitation Skills (4 hrs.)—Meetings have a bad reputation as time-wasters, yet almost everyone can recall at least one meeting that was a good use of their time. Learn a method of running meetings that ensures most are enjoyable and all create measurable results. Built on a foundation of communications research and small-group psychology, Coach Jim’s method has improved regular team meetings and large-scale events for 25 years.

Mindful Listening (90 minutes)—One of the most powerful means of addressing communication problems is one of the hardest, but does not cost a dime: providing the other person with undivided, ego-less attention. “Mindful listening” focuses your mind on understanding the other person correctly before responding. This workshop explains the business benefits and the underlying science, and offers multiple opportunities for practice.

The Art and Science of Persuasion (2 hrs.)—Persuasion—the process of ethically trying to change someone’s mind through facts and logic—is a critical but often overlooked skill in business. Along with obvious uses in marketing and advertising, it is invaluable for influencing without authority, healthy debates, and gaining buy-in for decisions. Fortunately, university researchers and advertising experts have been looking into how to influence people to share your point of view since the 1920s. This class, built on Coach Jim’s master’s thesis, passes along their lessons and tell you how to improve any kind of message to increase your odds of changing someone’s mind.

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